Terms and Conditions…

Terms: Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard) Google (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express)or PayPal

Back-orders: We generally call before shipping any back-orders.

We reserve the right to change our Terms and Conditions please visit frequently to stay up to date with our Terms and Conditions…



Merchandise should be inspected upon arrival. If you have a problem, call our service department, and we will work with you to correct the problem.800-364-2530 No returns will be accepted unless a prior agreement has been made in writing eGrapevineStore.com. Unauthorized returns will be refused. Restocking charges of 15% will be assessed to any approved requests to return merchandise not shipped in error or defective and all freight will be paid by the customer. No returns after 7 days. All claims for shortages or defective goods must be made within 3 days of receipt of your shipment to receive credit in writing by eGrapevineStore.com (Pittman Product). If goods are damaged or short-shipped due to the carrier, sign off waybill accordingly, and file the claim with the delivering carrier immediately and call us.


Pest Problems:

To prevent problems with pests, all eGrapevineStore.com products are heat fumigated. When you receive products, it is essential that they are stored in a sanitary facility. Because pests are drawn to glycerin preserved products, shipments you receive from us could become contaminated by pests already present in your facility. We require that all shipments from eGrapevineStore.com be inspected upon receipt, and any claims for pest damage be made within 2 days of the delivery date. We will not be held responsible for pest problems not reported within this time frame! For information call 800-364-2530


Care and Handling of Products:

Humidity may cause some products to bleed; We recommend storing our products in climatically controlled environment.


Subject to change without notice. All specified weights and measures are approximate and may vary.


Any pre-printed provision set forth on any form utilized by any buyer with a connection to the purchase of any products described herein shall not add or take away from these terms and conditions of use unless agreed to in writing by eGrapevineStore.com.. Prices and Units of Measure are subject to change without notice


Drop shipping …

1. Cancellation must be placed before shipment is made or will be charged to the customer

2. All orders are FOB Centerville, TN, unless otherwise specified.

3. If an account becomes delinquent, we will not make any further shipment until the account is brought current, and all outstanding service charges and collection and/or attorney fee that have been delinquent to be paid in full.

4. We reserve the right to change our terms or terms of payment from credit or prepayment, or not to ship at all, to accounts that have been delinquent.

5. All reasonable care is taken to ensure that products leave our warehouse in the best possible condition. All products are shipped to the best of our knowledge Damage or missing products should report to the carrier immediately. Also, report damaged or missing products to our company within ten (10) days to receive credit in writing.

6. All products not available to ship immediately, will be placed on back-order automatically and shipped when it becomes available, unless the customer specifies a cancellation date, or states that no back-orders will be accepted.

7.All reasonable care is taken to ensure that products are package for the best possible price rate, all freight will be paid by customer unless otherwise specified in writing by egrapevinestore.com(Pittman Product)

8. We reserve the right to change our Terms and Conditions please visit frequently to stay up to date with our Terms and Conditions.


9. If an account becomes delinquent more than 30 days We reserve the right to contact the customer that received the shipment and to inform them that the invoice of there goods has not been paid and ask them if they would like to

(a)bring there invoice up to date

or to

(b) return the shipment back to Pittman Product 1316 West Haley Creek Road, Centerville Tn,37033 within (10)days

failure to do so may bring further action.