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One Piece Wire Framed Grapevine Balls

We offer the One Piece Wire Framed Grapevine Balls. All of our grapevine crafts are hand-made here on-site at our facility, this allows us to control the quality of our craft.

All of our wire-framed grapevine balls are constructed over a heavy wire mesh frame so they will maintain their shape for years to come.

Vine ball ornaments make beautiful, natural decorations for the home or garden. Decorative vine balls are commonly used as Rustic Wedding Decorations, Country Christmas Decorations, and Pool Lighting Decorations. The vine Ball also called vine Spheres with the brown wire mini lights can be used on an Urn for landscaping, entryways, or yard art.

One Piece Wired Framed vine Ball over 16 inches is more expensive to ship due to the dimensional weight regulations now used by FedEx.