Grapevine Balls

Grapevine balls of the highest quality. We offer the one piece grapevine balls and two piece Grapevine balls from 4″ grapevine balls to the 10″ grapevine balls all are one piece grapevine balls. Our 12″ grapevine balls to our 24″ grapevine balls come in two pieces So that you may place silk greenery, flower arrangements or brown wire mini lights on the inside. Our grapevine balls 30″ and 36″ grapevine balls are in three pieces this also allows you to decorate the inside for a unique and varied decorative selection and not to mention for easy storage and very economical on shipping. We hand make our products our self here in the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee and are carefully harvested to insure their annual regeneration.

One of the most popular sought-out decorations for rustic weddings.

Over the last few years grapevine balls have become one of the most popular sought-out decorations for rustic weddings, people just love the way they can hang them overhead to display a grand setting. This will certainly make that special day unique and memorable, but can be an overwhelming experience to get it just right, asking yourself questions like what kind of grapevine balls should I use? What size grapevine balls should I use? How many lights should I use? We are here to answer these questions, making it a little easier on your to-do list.

When it comes to grapevine crafts including grapevine balls, no one knows better than us, we have been making grapevine balls since 1986 and have tried everything to produce the best grapevine ball product line. Let me explain the difference between our grapevine balls

With the two piece grapevine ball you can add lights to the inside or an arrangement, but you cannot get this luxury with the one piece. On the two piece you can decorate it as you wish and it is very easy and simple to match up the two halves and put one zip tie to act as a hinge opening it back up so then you can wire or hot glue your arrangement to the inside along with your lights. When finished, secure the ball with the rest of your zip ties. Remember, if you are hanging the grapevine balls, make sure to put a wire on both halves. You’re done, not to mention shipping is very cost efficient

Well, most suppliers that sell the grapevine balls need a wireframe, and let’s face it they are starting out and they need a base, they basically frame the wire, paint, and wrap the vine around the frame. This also, is how we did our balls for years. We realized that the wire inside makes the balls look a little awful, so we came up with a steel mold system to make two identical halves. This helps cut down on shipping cost for customers, we also use special tools to assemble our grapevine balls with small metal rings that is colored to match the grapevine products. We still do offer the one-piece wireframe and the two-piece wireframe grapevine balls for those customers that are wanting convenience and are willing to pay a little more.

No matter what anyone says and we know, grapevine is a natural wood therefore after about one or two months it will turn gray. Some people prefer this look but, to prevent this you must put a water sealant on your product and do so once a year. This will make the grapevines last for years, up to seven with care and two or maybe three years without any care. Some companies would have you to believe that it will last for many more years to come. It usually only last this long with extended proper care. Thompson’s water seal is what we recommend or painting will make it last for years but, you must use oil-based paint. You can always pick some up from local stores like Home Depot or Lowes. We are not affiliated with Thompson’ s water seal so the company does not pay us to say this, so we truly recommend it.

Now, what size depends on you, just keep in mind how large the area is and if you want a large ball from the center coming out to smaller ones or maybe just a variety of different sizes. Something that fits your style or is your taste. To find out how many lights you should use just check out each ball in its description and it will tell you what is recommended for quantity. Many people also use grapevine balls to put in their urns to place in doorways and use for swimming pool lighting. These particular scenarios are the most common uses.