How to Make a Large Lighted Christmas Balls.

How to Make a Lighted Christmas Balls the simplest and best way. This is a 20″ lighted ball but you can make any size you like by cutting the wire 3 times the size. 20″ ball = 60″,  24″ ball = 3 time 24″  The recommended lighted is a 300 count set for the 20″ ball.

The Tools And Materials Used In This Video

 24″ by 25-Foot Rolls

Origin Point 162425 20-Gauge Handyroll Galvanized Hex Netting, 25-Foot x 24-Inch With 1-Inch Openings

You can use the tie wire that came one the roll of chicken wire or use zip ties as we did in the video Solarson Nylon cable zip ties 8 inch Black color 200 Packs,with 50 Pounds Tensile

Used for cutting chicken wire when you don’t cut a lot at one time, this is the perfect tool for the task. Soft, two-layer, non-slip grips ease hand stress letting you comfortably

Mostly used for cutting the tie wire and wiring the chicken wire together.

INGCO 3 PCS High Leverage Pliers Set

We have the LED lights for your crafts project here, So check them out.