C-Ring and Hog Ring Guns and C Ring Staples

What are Hog Ring and C Ring?

Hog rings are split metal rings with sharp beveled points designed to use on-farm pigs and C rings are split metal rings usually with a sharp beveled point but can have blunt points designed to have many different fastener usage and application resembling a hog ring.

What are C Ring and Hog Ring used for?

One of its usages and where the name originated is placing a hog ring in a pig nasal septum to prevent them from digging. Nowadays, hog rings and c rings play an important part in many manufacturing products, from automotive seat manufacturing, furniture, mattresses, wire cages, plant, pot tagging, craft making, and much more. If you are an entrepreneur or want your own DIY shop, you may find yourself in need of a tool that makes easy use. Now that you know what hog rings are and how they’re used let’s look at some of the available options on the market. 

Woodpecker C-7CA 15 Gauge 3/4-Inch 4.8mm Closure Diameter C ring stapler Pneumatic Hog Ring Plier C Ring Gun for Mattress

Woodpecker- C-7CA 15 Gauge 3/4

meite SC7C 15 Gauge Hog Ring Plier 3/4-Inch Pneumatic C Ring Tool Hog Ring Plier Closure Tool Professional for Mattress.[Light in Weight] It’s a c ring tool to help reduce operator fatigue.

Meite SC7C 15 Gauge 3/4

WOODPECKER C-7EA 15 Guage Pneumatic Hog Ring Gun with Slim Long Nose, 7.0mm Closure Diameter, 3/4-Inch Crown Hog Ring Staples, Air Hog Ring Plier Tool Power C Ring Gun for Fencing, Wire Cages

WOODPECKER C-7EA 15 Guage 3/4-Inch

RZX SC7C 15GA Hog Ring Plier 3/4″ C Ring Tool Hog Ring Plier Closure Tool Pneumatic 3/16″ to 11/32″ I.D. Closure Size

RZX SC7C 15 Gauge Pneumatic C Ring Gun 3/4 inch

Kamsin K-SC7E 15 Gauge Pneumatic Hog Ring Gun 3/4-Inch Crown Long Nose Air Power C Ring Gun, 7-8mm Closure Diameter Hog Ring Stapler, C Ring Stapler Fencing Tool for Spring Mattress, Cages.

Kamsin K-SC7E 15 Gauge Pneumatic Hog Ring Gun 3/4-Inch

Kamsin K-SC7C 15 Gauge Pneumatic C Ring Gun, 3/4-Inch 4.8mm Closure Diameter Hog Ring Staples, Automatic Hog Ring Plier, Hog Ring Tool for Fencing (K-SC7C C Ring Gun)

Kamsin K-SC7C 15 Gauge Pneumatic C Ring Gun

meite SC7– 15 Gauge C Ring Staples/ Hog Rings by 15 Gauge C Ring Gun Tools Inside Diameter of 4.8mm 10,000 PCS/ Box

C Ring Staples 10,000 PCS/ Box

China-top Silver SC7 15 Gauge 3/4” Crown C Ring Staples C-Rings Hog Rings. 15 Gauge 3/4” crown c ring staples. Made of Galvanized Steel. 1000 PCS/ Pack. Staples Compatible with Woodpecker C7E, C7CA, meite SC7C, SC7E, SC77XE C-RING Staplers. 

C Ring Staples 1,000 PCS/ Box