The Chicken Wire Dolly Parton at Graduate of Nashville

9 ft tall 3 1/2 wide 10ft long used 39 rolls of 18-inch chicken wire at 150 ft in a roll at 16 lb a roll = 624 lb.
The frame is made from square tubing with 1/2 and 1/4 inch rebar, 11 heavy-duty coasters for a total of 278 lb, and 4 gals of paint at 11 lb ea = 40 lb. 624+278+40 = Total 942 lb.

There is 7 main pieces and 8 skirt pieces 15 total

Time Start date 2/4/2020 end date 5/13/2020 It is 99 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date.
Or 3 months, 9 days excluding the end date. Artist Ricky Pittman age 52 at the time, created hidden teardrop
If you look under her left eye, you can slightly see a teardrop for the coronavirus pandemic.

The Chicken Wire Minnie Pearl in Centerville Tn

Minnie Pearl was from Grinders Switch that is located in Hickman County. The town square of Centerville was recently restored and is located in one of the most beautiful areas in Tennessee with all the rolling hills and natural rock bluffs. 


Minnie Pearl overlooks Centerville TN on top of a small bluff, just east of downtown on 100 going north, toward Nashville Tn.  It was so cool to see a sculpture honoring an American icon.  She looks great, overlooking the garden that is maintained by the Centerville Garden Club. It’s the perfect place for her, as the gardens are full of miniature roses named “Cousin Minnie Pearl.”

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