DIY Chicken Wire Deer Yard Decorations

How to make a deer from chicken wire for Christmas to sit in your yard as decorations. Chicken wire yard decorations and when you add lights it can add a visual wonder to your yard. 

The Tools And Materials Used In This Video

YARDGARD 308419B Chicken Wire, 150 feet, Color – Galvanized With 1-Inch Openings

Used for cutting chicken wire when you don’t cut a lot at one time, this is the perfect tool for the task. Soft, two-layer, non-slip grips ease hand stress letting you comfortably

Mostly used for cutting the tie wire and wiring the chicken wire together.

INGCO 3 PCS High Leverage Pliers Set

When you go to cut the chicken wire you will see this tool is well worth the investment and save you time. 

Woodpecker C-7CA 15 Gauge 3/4-Inch 4.8mm Closure Diameter C ring stapler Pneumatic Hog Ring Plier C Ring Gun for Mattress

Woodpecker- C-7CA 15 Gauge 3/4

meite SC7C 15 Gauge Hog Ring Plier 3/4-Inch Pneumatic C Ring Tool Hog Ring Plier Closure Tool Professional for Mattress.[Light in Weight] It’s a c ring tool to help reduce operator fatigue.

Meite SC7C 15 Gauge 3/4

Kamsin K-SC7C 15 Gauge Pneumatic C Ring Gun, 3/4-Inch 4.8mm Closure Diameter Hog Ring Staples, Automatic Hog Ring Plier, Hog Ring Tool for Fencing (K-SC7C C Ring Gun)

Kamsin K-SC7C 15 Gauge Pneumatic C Ring Gun

Vgo 10-Pairs ANSI Level 3 Cut Resistant Gloves Certified Hand Protection, Latex Rubber Coated Gardening and Work Gloves 


meite SC7– 15 Gauge C Ring Staples/ Hog Rings by 15 Gauge C Ring Gun Tools Inside Diameter of 4.8mm 10,000 PCS/ Box

C Ring Staples 10,000 PCS/ Box

China-top Silver SC7 15 Gauge 3/4” Crown C Ring Staples C-Rings Hog Rings. 15 Gauge 3/4” crown c ring staples. Made of Galvanized Steel. 1000 PCS/ Pack. Staples Compatible with Woodpecker C7E, C7CA, meite SC7C, SC7E, SC77XE C-RING Staplers. 

C Ring Staples 1,000 PCS/ Box

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